1. Guide to Welcoming Families: an explanation of the initiative along with educational materials including lesson programs and plans, teaching aids ideas, pathway ideas and off-court administration sections.
  2. Off-Court Tennis Practice: Tennis activities to practice away from class. Over 50 activities that can be done in a driveway or basement.
  3. Drills for Juniors and Adults: Over 150 drills and games for teachers to use.
  4. Beginner Teaching Model: An overview or six models and lesson plans.
  5. Play Tennis Fast Model including Instant Tennis: Six (1-hour) sessions using shorter courts and ROG balls that has people playing tennis in the first session.
  6. Instant Tennis: 1-hour session for beginner players to learn and play instantly.
  7. Why Tennis and the Health Benefits of Tennis.

    Health Benefits of Tennis - 34 Reasons to Play Tennis
  8. Health & Fitness - Adding years to your life, and life to your years